Aurora Bulb Solar Light with 3in Fitter, Pier and Wall Mount (Black)


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Aurora Bulb Solar Light with 3in Fitter, Pier and Wall Mount (Black). The Aurora Bulb Solar Light GS 124B-FPW features a sleek, modern design that will complement any outdoor area. This light has three mounting options, giving you a variety of choices for placing your solar light in the perfect spot. All of the hardware needed for installation is contained in the product packaging, making implementation simple and easy. The GS-124B-FPW can be placed virtually anywhere, so long as the area receives plenty of sunlight during the day. This light is perfect for casting a warm glow outside your home and providing visibility so that you wont stumble in the dark when coming home late at night. The GS-124B-FPW can be mounted on a wall, on a pole, or in a pier area thanks to the lights convenient multiple installation capabilities. On a fully charged battery, this light will cast a warm glow of 50 lumens for up to 12 hours. The technology in the light will sense the change from day to night, and will automatically turn the fixture on and off accordingly without you having to flip a switch. This light is both cost effective and energy efficient because it is 100% solar powered. With the GS-124B-FPW, you get all of the benefits of an outdoor light without having to worry about electrical wiring or high energy bills.