Clara 24 Lead Crystal Chandelier

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Clara 24 Lead Crystal Chandelier. Our Clara 5 LT Crystal Chandelier adds instant opulence to any room in your home. This dazzling fixture features a metal base that is finished in glistening chrome. A large faceted crystal oval around the center column touts a crosshatch pattern that will sparkle brightly when the chandelier is illuminated. Just under, a solid crystal disk is topped by a metal column break that is finished to match in chrome. 5 beautifully scrolled arms extend outward from the fount; each is topped with a faceted crystal candle cup and an open candelabra base and is adorned with a ring of crystal-beaded chain that features a large faceted crystal prism at the bottom. At the top of the chandelier, a metal vase cap is cast in a floral motif and is adorned with more crystal prisms for even more sparkle and drama. The fixture hangs from a metal ceiling canopy and chain that are finished to match in sleek Chrome. Our Clara 5 LT Crystal Chandelier is a dramatic way to light a formal dining area that also makes a very regal statement when used in a foyer or as a whole room light in rooms with higher ceilings.