Classic Series LED Picture Light, Antique Brass, 10″ (Classic Series LED Picture Light)




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Classic Series LED Picture Light, Antique Brass, 10″ (Classic Series LED Picture Light). A proper art light is doubtlessly the most critical aspect of any artistic display: art, though existing for but its own sake, requires a proper channel of expression beyond the paints and prints that comprise its body. Artwork must be made to pop, to enter a rich state of sublime appearance that only well-positioned art lighting can provide. Cocoweb, therefore, would like to introduce the Classic line of Art Lights, our premier vintage picture lights powered by natural-light LED art lighting technology.Vintage Design Evokes Classic ArtThe Classic Picture Light is a culmination of technological innovation and artistic design: engineered in collaboration with artists, this fine art light is crafted as a contemporary alternative to the incandescent lights of antiquity, preserving the visual style of the light while updating its cumbersome lighting technology. Meant as a focal light of the highest quality, the Classic arranges light around displays in perfect balance, highlighting and accentuating artwork through its Picture Perfect LED Technology. Art remains as the focus with the Classic; the classic rounded shade is adorned with no ornamentation save its white finish, a stark aesthetic best suited to modern frames and artwork. Experience the Picture Perfect Future of LightingIn a match of form and function, the Classic’s vintage design is complemented by the power of its 12 LED nodes. These diodes create produce a soft glow rated with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, a yellow-white light akin to the sun in the early morning. Cocoweb LEDs, however, improve upon natural sunlight in every way: the produced light is completely free of ultraviolet radiation, preventing painting discoloration, and offers consistency of operation versus the fickleness of natural lighting methods. These LEDs also carry a Color Rendering Index of 90, higher than most halogen bulbs and thus able to bring richer fullness to the reds, yellows, and blues of any painting. Fully Adjustable FunctionalityThis light fixture, in addition, is built around convenient function: the 10 inch shade is fully adjustable upon its arm, able to extend anywhere from 5 to 8 inches as well as re-angle its arc of illumination from its mount upon the wall. The shade also houses an on/off switch upon its underside, which itself is powered by the included low voltage AC plug adapter. Brightness adjustment is made possible by Cocoweb’s exclusive Electronic Dimmer, which attaches directly to the plug adapter and scales to a maximum of 450 lumens. Sustains the Environment through Clean FunctionThe Classic Picture Light runs in complete energy efficiency; though incandescent lights offer similar display lighting capabilities as LEDs, they consume nearly 80-percent more energy annually and thereby increase energy pollution. By contrast, the Classic’s LEDs run in optimal energy efficiency, and additionally can last for up to 50,000 hours, in effect granting reliable gallery lighting for up to 20 years while simultaneously preventing more waste in the environment. They also require no hazardous chemicals to function when compared to the mercury vapors that fuel fluorescent bulbs, sustaining the environment through clean construction and operation.. *Dimmable with included Cocoweb Dimmer only**Not Compatible with Dimmable Wall Switches** Light Bulb Type: LED Bulb Wattage: 6 W Number of Lights: 1 Light Type: Picture Lighting Product Features: UL Listed, Energy Efficient, Dimmable Material: Aluminum Light Direction: Downlight Mounting Type: Screw-In Bracket Assembly: Assembly Required Setting: Indoor Power Source: Plug-in Lighting Style: Traditional Height: 14 in or less 1.5 in. H x 10 in. W x 6 in. L