DALS Indoor/Outdoor Regressed LED Gimbal – 6″ (Satin Nickel)


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DALS Indoor/Outdoor Regressed LED Gimbal – 6″ (Satin Nickel). This versatile modern thin-trim 6-inch gimbal with multi-directional adjustable swivel produces a high light output with a minimal glare as a result of its regressed light source. Ideal for general lighting or for areas requiring a directional light to showcase unique elements or to create dramatic wall-wash effects. FEATURES Every fixture includes a junction box with an integrated dimmable driver Can be daisy-chained Superior LED performance and lifespan Regressed light source Minimal heat emission Aluminum construction IC certification (suitable for direct contact with insulation) Air-tight certified as per ASTM E283-04 40 beam angle 30 tilting, 360 rotation Suitable for wet locations Ideal operating temperature: -20 to 40 C 5-year warranty