Deerport Décor 16.4ft LED Flex Strip Light (Cool White)

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Deerport Décor 16.4ft LED Flex Strip Light (Cool White). Create unique personal living spaces and enjoy accent lighting with the most advanced rope light technology ever created. Deerport LED Flex Strip Lights are functional, fun, and easy to use. Their sleek, flexible design allows for endless uses and are easy to bend and twist around objects. These lights can be placed anywhere, creating a magical appearance both indoors and out. Ideal for patios, decks, stairways, trees, columns, walkways, mantels, under/inside cabinets, windows, doors, decorating projects, tailgating, and even Christmas Trees. Best of all, quality and shine aren’t compromised at all, ensuring your property always looks its best. Available in 7 color options, including a changeable strip which features multiple light color combinations as well as 10 lighting modes including steady, flash, fade and strobe.