Elementaire II Wood Floor Lamp, Handcrafted in Thailand, ArtivaUSA – 59 (59)


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Elementaire II Wood Floor Lamp, Handcrafted in Thailand, ArtivaUSA – 59 (59). From the Pacific Island to your sanctuary Home, This Handcrafted Elementaire II Floor lamp from Artiva USA is the best equipped lamp to brighten up any natural Vibe living space in your home , office or beach house. Unique design and it beautiful craftsmanship will let you feels it presence in any setting and will transform any of your living space. Each “Elementaire II” natural Wooden Floor Lamp are inspired by Thailand Tropical nature . Each lamp are made from naturally shape wooden vines,roots and Branches. Each pieces of natural roots, wooden vines and branches are then treated by washing and sanding to reveal the remarkable texture and beauty underneath . With skill craftsmanship,the pieces of wood then handcrafted by Artisan in such detail that create your” ElementaireII” lamp. Each “Elementaire II” lamp has it own uniqueness and character . No two piece will be identical. . Perfect addition to any home or office. Artiva Exclusive. Perfect conversation piece. Handcrafted in Thailand. Smart outlet compatible. Handcrafted Natural Wood Floor Lamp Inspired by Tropical Nature Unique One of a kind lamp that no two lamp are identical Uses 60-100W or LED Equivalent bulb. Bulb not included Mesurement: 19″x19″x59″H , Metal Blue Glaze wire Shade(19x19x11″H) Handcrafted in Thailand.