Luxrite 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Lights Dimmable, 15W, 1050lm,120W, Baffle Trim, (16 Pack) (4000K (Cool White))


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Luxrite 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Lights Dimmable, 15W, 1050lm,120W, Baffle Trim, (16 Pack) (4000K (Cool White)). SAVE ENERGY – Lower your electricity usage by 87% when you replace your 120 watt incandescent light bulbs with 15 watt LED can lights. Immediately trim down the cost of your recessed lighting by making the investment into energy saving LED flood lights. EASY INSTALL- Each LED retrofit kit is designed for a quick install into any indoor/outdoor 5 or 6; or 6; can housing. A complete recessed lighting kit with driver-on-board (DOB) technology, a screw in E26 base adapter, and spring wires for a flush to ceiling finish. DIMMABLE – Take control of your lighting needs with the ability to reduce from 100% to 5% lighting output with a dimmable LED 6 inch recessed light. Set your home or office lighting to your mood and take delight in a pleasant atmosphere, every time. CONTINUOUS LIGHT – Built with an astounding 50,000 hours of lifetime which means no replacement will be needed for the next 45 years. Each recessed LED lighting fixture lasts 20x longer than traditional recessed lighting bulbs and are ideal for all ceiling lights including bedroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, garage, basement, new and old construction remodel, interior and exterior of house, soffit, or any space requiring a LED can light. RELIABLE LIGHTING – Zero flickering light, zero delay, and zero worries with an LED recessed light that provides high quality home lighting. Each recess lights feature a clean trim design, comes IC insulation safe and ETL listed for your safety, energy star and damp location rated for reliability, and backed by a 5 year warranty.