OttLite EasyView Craft Floor Lamp, White (White)


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OttLite EasyView Craft Floor Lamp, White (White). The OttLite 18w EasyView Craft Lamp combines OttLite technology with an adjustable 3x optical grade magnifier arm. The wide WingShade rotates to direct light where you need it most and the flexible neck lets you easily adjust the height as you work. Ideal for projects in the home, office, workshop or crafting room. The low heat, low glare OttLite illumination helps reduce eyestrain for hours of creating in comfort. OttLite allows you to see details clearly and colors accurately, helping you do what you love, longer. High contrast, low glare OttLite illumination is specially designed to help you see clearly and comfortably. Flexible neck and multi-position shade direct light where you need it. Adjustable up to 3x optical-grade magnifier attachment. Compatible with the OttLite Wheel Base Accessory. Great for sewing, beading, knitting, needlepoint and activities that require clear visibility of fine details. Reduces glare and eyestrain, allowing you to create in comfort. Includes OttLite bulb rated to last up to 10,000 hours (Replacement bulb type B).