Serge Fly Trap Ceiling Pendant Lamp (Soft White 3000K – 4000K)


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Serge Fly Trap Ceiling Pendant Lamp (Soft White 3000K – 4000K). The Ceiling Lamp is a Mid Century design made from a carbonized steel construction. Dramatic shapes and angles create a theatrical feel within the room, making this lamp as much a work of art as it is a source of illumination. Consisting of a steel stem and base that attaches to the ceiling, the main features of this piece are the steel curved arms of differing lengths and aluminum styled shades. All three arms are perfectly positioned to target as much space as possible, adding a touch of practicality to a legendary design. With rotating shades, you can direct the light as desired. The entire piece is coated with a matte black/white lacquer. Designed with the intention of supplying as much light as possible, this ceiling lamp would be a head-turning centerpiece in any room. Adjustable arms Twist-able shade This fixture needs to be hardwired. Professional installation is recommended.