Solar Powered Motion Security Sensing Floodlight – Always On – IP66 – 360°Rotatable 1400LM Warm Bright White 17 LED Floodlight (Small – Black)


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Solar Powered Motion Security Sensing Floodlight – Always On – IP66 – 360°Rotatable 1400LM Warm Bright White 17 LED Floodlight (Small – Black). The Ultimate Waterproof Solar Panel Security Spotlight Floodlight! The Professional Solar LED outdoor/indoor lights, is a perfect way to add security to your home or business. During night this floodlight will shine a soft light continuously. When motion is detected, the 17 high intensity LED lights will automatically turn on, illuminating an entire area up to 600 square feet. When no motion is detected fo 30 seconds the lights will go back to the soft dim always on light. Its advanced solar panel is designed for the most efficient use of solar energy, on sunny days, these lights will only takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge. During low light days without sunlight, the unit can last for up to 3 days in DIM mode. Rugged, 360 Degree Rotating 90 Degree Solar Angle Adjustment This rugged, weatherproof unit runs on battery power, so it can be installed in minutes, without an electrician or an AC outlet. The Solar lights holder can be rotates vertically 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees horizontally. This allows you to place the floodlight at the perfect angle! DURABLE: All-weather, all-season; rain, frost, snow resistant; ideal both indoor, and outdoor use HEAT RESISTANT: No sun-induced warping or discoloration Automatically Turns On at Night No Wiring, Instant Installation Multi Positioning, Fully Articulated Oversized Solar Collectors Completely Weatherproof FEATURES: SUPER BRIGHT SOLAR POWER MOTION SENSOR LIGHT – LED outdoor solar flood light with polycarbonate lens makes it much brighter than other models. During night a soft dim light stays on continuously. When the motion sensor detects motion an ultra bright lights shines. It detects motion up to 25+ feet away and 120 degrees. The light will stay on until motion is not detected for 30 seconds. The large solar panels charge this unit even during low light situations and the large battery capacity makes sure you have a all night charge. ALWAYS ON FLOODLIGHT – SPOTLIGHT MOTION ACTIVATED – This solar power flood light stays on soft dim light continuously at night and when motion is detected an ultra bright light shines. Also to save energy, outdoor solar lights have a built-in photocell sensor so the light will turn off during the daytime. During low light and night time settings the device automatically turns on. 360 ADJUSTABLE SOLAR PANEL – Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Holder Can be Rotated horizontally 360 for the perfect placement. The Solar Panel has 180 vertical angle adjustments. DUSK TO DAWN SENSOR LIGHT – For the sake of energy saving, security flood lights motion outdoor has built-in photocell sensor, it will turn off during the daytime and it will turn on at night automatically. At night, the red- light mode makes the light look like a surveillance camera, it can scare off thieves. DURABLE WEATHER RESISTANT – All-season; rain, frost, snow resistant, cold and warm weather, ideal both indoor and outdoor use! The device won’t warp in high heat and the durable constructions will last year after year. EASY INSTALLATION – Easy installation with no wires or batteries needed. You can install it safely in direct sunlight, such as outdoor roads, garage doors, courtyards,sidewalk, Gardens, eaves, entrances, etc. Dimensions:8″x5″x4″ Weight: 0.00 Lbs 13.00 Ounces