Volume Lighting Emery 3-Light Chrome Mini Hanging Chandelier Drum




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Volume Lighting Emery 3-Light Chrome Mini Hanging Chandelier Drum. Sleek, subtle curves and a solid, majestic ring is at the heart of this indoor mini hanging chandelier, surrounding a frosted glass drum like elegant jewelry. Frosted glass, handmade by master craftsmen, is sure to impress with stunning, unique radiance. Beautifully and evenly finished in chrome. Feel at ease with chrome’s high resilience, lasting quality, and stunning appearance. An exceptionally corrosion-resistant material, highquality chrome provides phenomenal durability and an attractive gleam. Polished to a mirror shine and an immaculately smooth surface by skilled craftsmen. Feel confident in your choice of combined contemporary and classic elegance. Delight in transitional design that complements surroundings and decor with the best of both modern and traditional elements. Complements stainless-steel appliances, dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and many other indoor areas. Stand out with this breathtaking transitional piece.