Volume Lighting Lawrence 1-Light Foundry Bronze Mini Hanging Pendant




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Volume Lighting Lawrence 1-Light Foundry Bronze Mini Hanging Pendant. Treat yourself to this indoor mini hanging pendant’s refreshed contemporary elements. Airy, etched white cased glass globe elegantly dangles like a magnificent pearl. Etched white cased glass shines with a stunning radiance reminiscent of glowing moons. Handcrafted by master craftsmen, this shade glows bright in perfect uniformity, emitting an ethereal, serene ambience and capturing an immaculate glow throughout the glass. Enjoy phenomenal long-lasting color that will never fade from cleaning or sunlight. Glass color is always non-painted and 100% natural, inherent to the original sand pigment from which it was created. Illumination mechanism is sure to impress with its stunning, unique look. Light diffuses within multiple layers instead of simply filtering light through. Thickness and weightiness from multiple glass layers ensures long-lasting durability. Round glass spheres exude stylish retro chic. Feel confident in your choice of combined contemporary and classic elegance. Delight in transitional design that complements surroundings and decor with the best of both modern and traditional elements. Beautifully and evenly finished in rich foundry bronze individually handpainted by master artisans. Complements islands, bars, dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and many other indoor areas. Add fanciful delight to your home. This piece is truly a classic beauty.